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    Keto Collagen

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    Our new keto-friendly bovine collagen is a perfect addition to your daily regimen. This mouthwatering and easy to mix protein powder has been minimally processed and offers the benefits of all-natural collagen in an easily digestible form without any sugar, grains, or dairy.

    • Made using grass-fed collagen
    • Only 1g carbs and 10g of protein per serving
    • All-natural, non-GMO and dairy-free
    • With the addition of MCT Oil Powder for clarity, energy, and satisfaction
    • Absolutely clean - no artificial sweeteners or additives - no clumping - and still tasty
    • 450g per container
    • Only 80 calories per serving
    • Highest quality standard made in the USA

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    You're fully protected with our iron clad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Either the Authentic Keto products will make your keto diet goals easy or you'll get your money back - you don't even need to send back the product.

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    Keto Collagen

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    What Is Inside The Container?

    When You Buy A Container Of Authentic Keto Collagen Today, You'll Get A Spectacular Blend Of All The Ingredients You Need To Have In Your System. 

    We create our Collage peptides with only cage-free, pasture-raised, and grass-fed bovine. We are very particular about where we source our ingredients from to deliver the highest-quality supplements.

    Due to the supplement’s low molecular weight, you’ll not find difficulty in mixing it into any shake. Moreover, we hydrolyze our collagen peptides. Therefore, the peptides break into short chains, allowing you to retain your shake’s taste.

    We ensure your workouts and life are more energized by adding MCT Oil powder into our supplements.

    The MCT Oil Powder is a great addition to give you the right kick of energy to help you get through any physically demanding challenge in the day. Moreover, MCT Oil Powder is known for increasing metabolism and keeping weight in check by maintaining balanced appetite management.

    This is such a crucial ingredient because it also helps in bettering the body’s cognitive function - allowing you to have a clear mind while you undergo vigorous training.

    To maintain a sweet taste without artificial sweeteners, we have incorporated Stevia, a plant-based sweetener, in the formula. Stevia is an obvious sweetener choice because of its excellent shelf life, it has zero calories and has at least 17 times the sweetness of regular sugar. 

    If you’re looking for a healthy sweet alternative, Stevia is the ingredient you should be looking for. With the right Stevia composition, we have made our supplement taste like candy!

    Supplements tend to put the body in overdrive mode, making it difficult for it to stay hydrated. Therefore, we have incorporated the right amount of electrolytes to the mix, allowing your body to prevent nasty things such as dehydration and keto flu.

    You can find Authentic Keto Collagen in chocolate and vanilla flavors because they are the only two 100% naturally creatable flavors. Delicious flavors such as brownie and cookies and crème are wonderful; however, they cannot be made naturally and are falsely marketed.

    With delicious natural flavors, Authentic Keto Collagen will please not only your tastebuds but also your body!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Keto Collagen is a healthy blend of MCTs and peptides that come together to aid your keto diet. It is a supplement that will help you go through your diet is the easiest and healthiest way possible. It does so by providing most of the necessary supplements to the body while allowing providing a snacky feeling.

    Do not worry about the sanitary conditions of the place where we manufacture our supplements. It is made in an independent third-party lab in the USA.

    The lab follows GMP-certification guidelines to ensure health and hygiene. The formula is made with both domestic and international ingredients to allows the supplement’s global availability.

    Due to the high demand of our products we may sell out soon.

    Right now we have only a limited amount of product ready to ship within 24 hours.

    Shipping US: 1-5 business days

    Shipping international: 5-12 business days

    You always get our free Authentic Keto shipping insurance & order tracking.

    The Authentic Keto Collagen is an ideal purchase for anybody who would like to lose weight, gain energy, reverse aging symptoms, and gain better orthopedic health. Since the supplement is completely natural, it hardly has any side effects and, therefore, is okay to be used by anyone over the age of 20.

    Collagen is generally produced naturally in the body. However, the production starts declining in the early 20s, which leads to visible signs of aging, with sun exposure, an unhealthy diet, and stress being the catalysts. With external collagen in your body, you can combat those signs of aging at maintaining good liver and gut health at ease.

    Simple, just pour your drink into a shaker along with the powder, shape for ten seconds, and voila! Your supplement is dissolved and ready to be consumed!

    Our customers recommend Authentic Keto Collagen because combined with MCT Oil and essential electrolytes it offers more benefits than other collagen protein supplement:

    - Our keto protein powder is hydrolyzed, which means maximum absorption and more benefits with every serving you take.

    - It contains MCT Oil Powder to make protein absorption more efficient. It’s 100% keto-friendly, and you can even use it on a paleo diet or any other low-carb diet. It will not cause blood sugar spikes.

    - Our product is 100% pure (no fillers, binders or any harmful artificial ingredients, non-GMO and Gluten Free) and sourced from grass fed and pasture raised cattle.

    - The chocolate collagen drink is delicious and easy to mix not just with water, but with shakes, smoothies, almond milk, and other favorite beverages. Add it to your keto coffee – MCT makes a delicious creamer! Consider it an excellent keto snack, or drink it to compliment a meal replacement.

    Start experiencing powerful multilevel benefits of Keto Collagen Protein with MCT Oil Powder today!

    Since we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, we suggest all customers purchase a package of six containers. This gives you time enough to get acquainted with the formula.

    However, in case you do not like the product, you always have the option to get a refund!

    Each Authentic Keto Collagen box comes with 25 servings. Therefore, if you consume one serving per day, 25-30 days should be enough to consume one box.

    Yes, we take special care to maintain our bovine quality. We never use cage-sourced animals. Therefore, we only use grass-fed collagen.

    A single look at the ingredients list will tell you that Authentic Keto Collagen's every serving comes with 10g of high-quality collagen.

    No. However we would suggest starting with one serving a day and if desired increasing your intake slowly over time so as not to cause any GI distress.

    Yes, Keto Collagen will break a typical fast.

    Both Whey protein and Collagen are equally important for your body. However, carrying amino acid composition makes a change in how each benefits the body.

    While collagen is important for your digestive system, skin, hair, nails, and joints, Whey protein is great for muscle gain and preventing the body from deteriorating from a calorie deficit.

    As long as you are experimentative enough, you can create a complete meal out of this supplement. It will keep you full and in ketosis.

    The whole point of our supplement is that it is perfectly fine to use on a keto diet and is healthy enough to do so. Therefore, we only use pure Stevia leaf in the formula and refrain from adding any junk into the mix.


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